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Venom-Zap Success Stories (humans):

1. Recluse Spider Bite: Tom, engineer – (Tampa, FL, July 2012) (photo sequence to the right)

 I received a recluse spider bite on the back of my left leg calf but did not discover it until one week after a tall-grass excursion. By then, the wound was black, concave, necrotic with about a 3/8ths inch diameter with surrounding redness and growing. Having a Vzap Model 33, I decided to take a series of pictures to document its possible healing.

Photo 1: July 20th: This photo shows the bite as I discovered it; with a ruler nearby for sizing. After following the recommended Insect Protocol (one minute in two different orientations). A band-aid was used to cover the area after dabbing with ordinary honey.

Photo 2: July 20 plus one day: This photo shows the black flesh being replaced by a white scab.

Photo 3: July 20 plus 2 days: This photo shows very little black flesh  – white scab formed and the surrounding redness nearly gone

Photo 4: July 20 plus 12 days: Surrounding redness is gone; a hard scab formed over the original black necrotic area..

Photo 5: July 20 plus 3 months: This last photo shows only a brown discolored area was left. No other dressings other than alcohol and honey were used during healing. A year later, the flesh was completely white and only a hint of a concave area where the wound once was. 

2. Wasp Bites: Patrick B. – (Crystal River, FL, 2013)

My wife was stung three times by paper wasps and the affected area swelled and was immediately painful. Ordinarily her skin reacts with severe swelling and discomfort that typically lasts for days. After suffering for less than 1/2 hour, I treated her stings with the V-Zap’s one minute protocol and she felt immediate pain relief. The swelling vanished within a few hours. The sting sites healed in just a few days!

3. Fire Ants: Joyce (Florida, 2014)

I was bitten several times by fire ants on the top and toes of my feet while walking in the yard one evening. The bites burned and swelled immediately. The discomfort was unbearable. I applied the V-Zap directly to the bites…I had to apply it several times but the burning ceased immediately and the swelling was gone by the next day. 

4. Chigger Bites:  Brooke – (Tampa, FL, 2014)

After attending an outdoor concert, I noticed raised bites on my feet and lower legs. A nurse friend told me that I had chigger bites. Using the V-Zap, the bites never itched and decreased in size almost over night.

5. Horse Fly Bites: Hollyn S. (Oviedo, FL, 2013)

As a young teenager living near lake property in central Florida, I love to be outdoors practicing as a cheerleader and jumping on a trampoline. While outside near the lake, I was bitten by several really aggressive horse flys – I had at least six bites on my arms and legs and boy did they itch. It kept me awake that night and none of Mom’s home medicine seemed to help much (garlic juice, calamine lotion, etc.). My uncle visited us the next day and told us about a new electronic venom zapping thing he had bought. He showed me how to use it and frankly I was little scared of something that was electrical with a name like ‘zapper’. He left it with me while I warmed up to its use. The first attempt across one of the bites I did feel a little something but it was “cool”. By the time my Dad and Uncle returned later, I had easily treated all the bites. I told them that the itching was gone or nearly gone. It was unbelievable to me that it worked so fast. 

6. Wasps, Fire Ants:

Bob and Patty (central Florida farm; 2015):  We had such success with wasp and fire ant bites with our first Model 33 that we bought nine more to keep handy around the farm. Even have used it to forestall infection on my hunting dogs which tend to bite each other in their leg joints. Saved us penicillin treatment.

7. Hornets:

Patricia B. (2017) stuck her hand into a house bush while trimming. She received four hornet bites around her thumb quite suddenly. After suffering much pain for several hours, the Model 21 Insect protocol was applied around the thumb area. To relieve pain, four insect protocols were applied at different angles around the sting area. Pain and swelling begin to subside and within one half hour, she marveled that the pain and swelling were nearly gone. (Our experience shows that flesh deficient skin areas over bone such as an ankle or thumb usually take a few more applications to be effective).