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V-Zap™Model 33 “Outdoorsman”

How V-Zap™ Technology Compares to others

Venom-Zap or “V-Zap™” devices may neutralize venom and many pathogens. It uses a novel pulse wave which causes little or no nerve stimulation. So it is essentially pain free. Testimonials attest to its effectiveness with stings from wasps, bees, fire ants, and recluse spider bites.

Early field testing in Ecuador has successfully neutralized at least two reported snake bites. Because this device has not been evaluated by the government or other regulatory agency, no claims can be made – but the relevant patents and anecdotal record speak for themselves.

To quote from the company’s data sheet for it’s Model 33 “Outdoorsman” Kit: ” The V-Zap™ is a unique electronic, venom–neutralizing instrument (anecdotal evidence) which safely and painlessly disrupts the effects of insect and snake venom in a few minutes. It is an ideal first-aid remedy for hikers, campers, hunters and any person who may not be in easy range access to competent medical care. Using proprietary technology, two electrodes are applied around the wound site. Upon pushing the START button, then, in one minute for insects and three minutes for snakes, the neutralizing protocol is painlessly executed (yes – in the snake protocol, you may feel a little tingle – a small discomfort for a big problem!). The novel pulse-wave is conducted through the victim’s tissues using skin-applied metallic electrodes and, per reports, the venom’s molecular structure is disrupted rendering it neutralized. The body’s immune and repair systems can then naturally begin the healing process while medical care is sought. If the V-Zap™ is applied soon after the bite, then, in susceptible persons, an anaphylaxic seizure may be forestalled. Insect itching is reported to be relieved in a few minutes.”

Should you become disabled, the Model 33 also includes survival enhancement features: for night-time rescue, the lamps are not only a flashlight but can automatically flash a continuous SOS pattern. For day-time rescue, a rear mounted reflective mirror permits sunbeam signaling to over flying aircraft. Further, a loud, built-in beeper can emit a continuous SOS pattern to alert rescuers who may be nearby your hiking trail.


  • Anecdotal-supported first-aid remedy for recluse spider, fire ant, mosquito, bee, wasp and horse fly stings.
  • New ouch-less electronic anti-venom technology – obsoletes suction and heat-plate kits
  • Usable on a wide range of insect and snake bites – more success reports coming in daily
  • Dual application methods: plug-in, direct-apply electrodes or stick-on pad (for snake bites)
  • Small; handheld; portable, battery operated; cost-effective
  • Emergency flash light with automatic SOS signaling with lamps or sonic alert sounder
  • Emergency reflective mirror for daylight sunbeam signaling
  • Optional deluxe belt-carry pouch for device, your cell phone and accessories


Model 33E “Outdoorsman” Econo :
   Physical/ Contents

Instrument: Size: 5.5″ L x 2.6″ W x 1.1″ H;   Weight: 4 oz (including battery)
Electrodes: 2 ea. 2mm pin plug type, round surface contact, nickel plated         brass or stain-less steel
Battery: 9V alkaline type
User Manual and “Steps” sheets;  a full User Manual is on-line with customer access code

Model 33D “Outdoorsman” Deluxe Kit:  sku: VZ33-D
  Physical/ Contents:       In addition to the instrument, kit also includes:
Belt waist bag, Sports/ Tactical military cameo finish; holds all accessories and your cell phone
Bottle of electrode cream (improves pin-plug electrode contact)
Patch Electrodes: sticky square type with 2mm pin jack (for snake use primarily); 2 each
Cables, electrode, 2mm pin plugs, 0.4 meter length, hi-flex wire; 2 each
Sting Removal Tool (patent applied for)
Self-applied tourniquet;  alcohol and iodine wipes, bandages
User Instruction and “Steps” sheets on water-resistant paper

  Control Interface:

  • Power: slide switch; on/off
  • Menu: push button sequential menu navigation through four choices
  • Start: push-button starts or restarts selected menu action; Holding button for more than one second moves some menu-item actions to a secondary sub-menu (e.g: Morse code, SOS beeper)

  Operating Menus:

  • Flashlight:  bright white LED’s with a sub-menu for Morse code signaling
  • SOS: Light and Sound: LED’s automatically flashes internationally recognized emergency Morse code (SOS = Save Our Ship)  for nighttime rescue or loud sonic beeper for rescue party alerting
  • Insect Protocol: applies painless electrical pulses for approx. one minute after START button is pressed
  • Snake Protocol: a “soft-start”, three minute electrical pulse protocol; there should be at least two applications with different electrode orientations

  Battery: (supplied with alkaline type; lithium “Ultra Life” is optional, this doubles usage and shelf life)

  • Type: 9V, ANSI-1604A/ IEC-6LR61 (e.g. Eveready Energizer 522)
  • Battery Life: over 300 insect treatments or 10+ hours of flashlight use
  • Low battery indication: beeper sounds, all four Menu lamps flash and further operation is inhibited.

Warranty and Guarantee:

“It works for you or we buy it back” guarantee. See details at Guarantee page