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V-Zap™ Model 21 “Professional”

V-Zap™ Model 21 “Professional”

Electronic First-Aid Kit for Insect, Scorpion and Snake Bites with a unique Post-bite Pathogen Devitalization (e-Sterilize)

V-Zap™ devices utilize a novel pulse wave which causes little or no nerve stimulation and is essentially pain free. Testimonials attest to its effectiveness with stings from wasps, bees, fire ants, and recluse spider bites. Early field testing with snake bites in Ecuador have been successful.

Because this device has not been evaluated by the government or other regulatory agency, no claims can be made – but the patents and anecdotal record speak for themselves.

The V-Zap™ 21 is a unique electronic, venom-neutralizing instrument which, per world-wide anecdotal evidence, safely and painlessly disrupts the effects of insects, scorpions and snakes in a few minutes. It is an ideal first-aid for medical assistants, bee-keepers, lawn maintenance, jungle habitats and pest control personnel and for any person who may not be in easy-range access to competent medical care.

Using proprietary technology, two electrodes are applied around the wound site. With a couple of button pushes, the Model 21 Pro’s venom-neutralizing protocol is painlessly executed in minutes. A novel electrical signal is conducted through the victim’s venom-injected fleshly tissues using either plug-in, metal electrodes (for insects) or via sticky patch electrodes for scorpions and snakes. The venom’s molecular structure may be electrically disrupted rendering it neutralized. The body’s immune and repair systems can then naturally begin the healing process while further medical care is sought. If the V-Zap™ is applied soon after the bite, then, in susceptible persons, an anaphylactic seizure may have substantially reduced symptoms. Itching and other discomfort from a bite is typically eliminated in moments after use per anecdotal reports.

Ticks and mosquitoes can harbor life threatening pathogens such as Lyme, West Nile virus and Cell-Wall Deficient pathogens. Anecdotal evidence has shown that these health threats can often be mitigated by the application of special high energy electrical pulses shortly after the pathogen is injected by the pest. To be an effective electronic sterilizer, the waveform energy must pass though the infected fleshy tissues and be both “high” and irregular so that pathogens cannot “adapt” during treatment. The Model 21 uses a novel electrical energy waveform which achieves all of this plus it is essentially painless. While no promises can be made, it is believed that most (cell-wall deficient) pathogens can be disabled if the e-Sterilize protocol application is made shortly after a bite. – An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure !


  • Anecdotal-proven first aid remedy for:  mosquito, recluse spider, fire ant, bee, wasp, horse-fly stings and most scorpions and snakes.
  • New “painless” electronic anti-venom technology    (patent pending)
  • New electronic sterilizer protocol (possibly effective against Lyme and other pathogens)
  • Small; handheld; portable; battery operated; cost effective

User Experiences:

In one recent user experience, a Florida recluse spider bite on the back of the left leg calf was discovered one week after a tall-grass excursion. The wound was black, concave, necrotic 3/8ths inch diameter with surrounding redness and growing. Application of the V-Zap™ was performed per protocol. Only a slight tingle was perceived during application. Healing became obvious thereafter and within six weeks (with sterile dressings applied) it was completely healed with only a slight brown blemish left. For more successful user experiences, Click Here

A Short History About Electrical Venom Neutralization:
With a rich history of over 50-years of development (Ref: Patents: 2,771,554; 3,991,770; 4,292,980 and 5,074,305; 5,496,356; 5,755,757; 5,792,211), this novel device (patents applied for) improves upon older stun gun technology where high voltage electrical pulses were demonstrated to disrupt venom protein’s ability to sting and devour flesh. Utilizing recent developments in bio-electric technology, the 
V-Zap™ may disrupt many pathogens and long-chain venom proteins without the painful stun-gun affects. In persons with a healthy immune system, the body then disposes of the neutralized toxin naturally. After any serious bite, competent medical care should be sought. For more history of world-wide use, Click Here

Specifications: Model 21 Instrument:

Specifications:  Model 21 “Professional”

Physical/ Contents
Instrument: Size: 5.5″ L x 2.6″ W x 1.1″ H;   Weight: 4 oz (including battery).
Electrodes: 2 ea. 2mm pin plug type, round surface contact, nickel plated brass or stain-less steel.
Carry case, camo finish; has separate compartment for your cell phone
Patch Electrodes: two sticky square type with 2mm pin jack (for snake use primarily).
Cables, electrode, 2 each, 2mm pin plugs, 0.4 meter length, hi-flex wire
Battery: 9V alkaline type
(NEW) Sting Removal Tool (patent applied for)
Tourniquet (for snake bites), alcohol and iodine wipes
User Manual & Steps Sheets; full manual available on-line with access code  

    Control Interface:
        POWER Slide switch: Off/ On  (note: must be manually turned off; this design maximizes battery shelf life)
        START Push-Button: begins a protocol or restarts a protocol if prior one has completed
        MENU Push Button: sequentially selects each protocol as indicated with Menu lamps
        LAMPS: green “Contact OK” lamp, and three protocol chosen lamps: yellow “Insect”, red “Snake” and blue “e-Sterilize”
        SONIC: internal multi-tone beeper for button press acknowledgement, protocol start/ end and low battery alert

     Operating Protocol:
            * Power On: slide switch to right; then a Self test  is made (battery, lamps, etc.) and the Menu for Insect is initialized.
            * Insect protocol: Press the START button to begin an automatic one minute Insect protocol run;
               thereafter, another one-minute run in a different position is suggested.
            * Snake protocol: Press the Menu button to select Snake protocol and then
               press the START button to begin an automatic three minute run.
                Additional runs thereafter in a different angular position or farther up the limb is suggested.
             * E-Sterilize protocol: similar to the snake protocol but uses an anti-pathogenic electrical wave. (see Manual)

 Battery: (supplied with alkaline type; lithium “Ultra Life” is optional, this doubles usage and shelf life)

  • Type: 9V, ANSI-1604A/ IEC-6LR61 (e.g. Eveready Energizer 522)
  • Battery Life: over 300 insect treatments, 100 snake treatments  or 10+ hours of flashlight use.  Low-battery indication: beeper sounds and all lamps  flash and further operation is inhibited. Power Off standby life equals battery shelf-life.
  • Low battery indication: beeper sounds, all four Menu lamps flash and further operation is inhibited.         

Model 21 V-Zap Kit: sku: VZ-21D

       * Main electronics unit
        * Electrodes, Circular metal, with 2mm pin-plugs, 2 each
        * Electrodes, sticky-patch types, 2 by 2 inches, 2 each
        * Cable, pin plug extension, approx 0.4 meter length, 2 each
        * Cream, conductive; in squeeze dispenser bottle
        * self-applied tourniquet, alcohol, iodine wipes and bandages
        * Sting Removal Tool (patent pending)
        * Belt-side carry case with waterproof ZIP bags for hardware     
        * Battery, 9V alkaline
        * Compact User Instructions & Steps Sheets on water-resistant paper

Warranty and Guarantee:

“It works for you or we buy it back” guarantee. See details at Guarantee page