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Snake bite treatment kits that really work! **
Recluse spider bites treated in minutes!
Scorpion and insect bites no longer a threat


* Fast – minutes to treat any bite

* Painless, micro-current, skin-applied treatment

* Compact and portable- for outdoorsman and pro’s

* Complete kits featuring V-Zap™ electronic devices

* treats most venoms and many pathogens **

These revolutionary venom-zap or V-Zap™ bite-kits may be the only effective and painless venom treatment kits on the market (patents applied for) — and it is guaranteed to work for you – or your money back ! Snake bite treatment with stun guns, suction devices and stinging hot-plate instruments for insects are now obsolete. See some comparisons here.

How it Works

Imperceptible electrical pulses are applied around the bite to devitalize subcutaneous venom and pathogens. Click on the “How It Works” button for more details. The new V-Zap™ technology is not only painless (some folks claim they can feel a little tingle) but include a menu of precision charge delivery protocols which assure consistent results. Click on the “History” button to learn more about its successes all over the globe. For “human” success stories, click here. For “animal” success stories, click here.

** Worldwide user testimonials consistently support that in minutes, this new portable, self-applied and “ouch-less” sting treatment kit neutralizes venomous bites from spiders, bees, wasps, mosquitos, fire- ants, scorpions, horse fly bites and even snakes !…. and it is reported that itching and toxicity effects subside almost immediately and healing begins. Of course after any serious snake bite and its V-Zap™  treatment, one should seek medical care for possible anti-venom injections.

Product Series:

All kits contain the essentials to treat insect and snake bites along with a brief User Manual and an illustrated treatment Steps sheet.

The Model 33 “Outdoorsman” is optimized for campers, hunters, hikers and woodsman.

The Model 21 “Pro” is optimized for professionals: nurses, medical assistants, jungle safari conductors — actually anyone who can appreciate the added benefit of the electro-Sterilize protocol which addresses insect and snake bite injected pathogens such as Lyme.


To make your purchase of a V-Zap™ or e-StingRelief kit as painless as possible (pun intended) our policy is: “If it does not work for you, we will buy it back. You have nothing to lose. Click on “How to Buy” for details.